Home Theaters in The Woodlands, TX.

Every family dreams of a home theatre to comfortably have family movie nights without actually having to go to the theaters!  Your home theatre could feature anything from high quality speakers, receivers, Blu-Ray, décor, lighting, and anything else you could dream of.  Our designers and engineers pay attention to the details and know just what to do to take your breath away.

When building a custom theatre you can expect these things:

  • Component placement and location research
  • Appropriate decibel and wattage levels for theater size
  • Video size in relation to arranged seating
  • Custom lighting placement and leveling
  • Having the right A/V equipment for your space installed properly
  • Electrical requirements for equipment installed
  • Acoustic treatments, appropriate furniture, etc.

Call us today to talk about your ideas and some options we could incorporate, also view our portfolio to get ideas so we can build you the home theatre of your dreams.