Roofing Insurance Claims in The Woodlands, TX.

Any storm can cause extensive damage to the roof of your home. Amazing Renovation's roofing contractors ensure you are treated fairly by your insurance company. Our insurance specialists will do the leg work for you. Below is a list of typical claim details:

  • We will file a claim damages to your roofing on your behalf and request that an insurance adjuster come out to inspect the extent of damage to your home.
  • Your insurance company then sends an assigned adjuster to analyze your roof and any other damage caused by the storm.
  • Once in contact with the insurance adjuster, they will set up a date and time that they will show up to begin inspecting the damage. (It is extremely important to give Amazing Renovations this information as soon as you receive it.)
  • Your Amazing Renovations insurance specialist will arrive an hour before the insurance adjuster to mark(or re-mark) with washable chalk, the battered and broken areas of your roof. Our insurance specialist will also work alongside you to ensure all other damaged areas are recognized by your insurance adjuster.
  • Your Amazing Renovations insurance specialist will then convene with your insurance adjuster to discuss the extent of damage and hash out a fair settlement on your (the homeowner's) behalf.
  • Once a settlement has been agreed upon, you will receive a written statement from your adjuster along with a check (less your deductible). If there are any discrepancies in the report, your Amazing Renovations insurance specialist will personally contact your insurance firm for you to resolve the conflict and have a second check sent to you

Roofing Insurance Claims Assistance

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please feel free to contact Amazing Renovations straightaway and we will clarify any and all questions. We are continually looking for ways to serve our customers and value your input.